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Murphy’s Law dictates that the broken antenna part is just out of reach when mounted on a tall mast, and these mast steps provide the extra reach needed. 

Our mast steps feature a two piece clamshell clamp, fastened with grade 5 hardware.  The clamping surface area and friction are incredible, and once tightened, will never slip. 

The standing surface is covered with a non-slip grip tape.  Each standing surface is 1.5” wide by 6” long,  and comfortable to stand on; no sore feet!  They come in a hot dipped galvanized finish which will outlive your tower.

     Mast steps fit on 2” O.D. or 3” O.D. masts only, and your mast must be 1/4” wall thickness or greater.  Climbing safety protection needed while in use.  Obviously these aren’t for everyone.  Consider getting help, using a crane, or consulting a professional when working at heights.



Mast steps for 2” OD mast only                                      

Mast steps for 3” OD mast only


I received the package today, regarding the mast steps, OMG !!! Those are awesome!  I feel those clamp/steps could hold the weight of two heavyweight pro wrestlers, hi. Quality is what that means. Thanks and 73's.

Dominic W5GDM

User Reviews:  What are other hams saying about these products?



                          MAST STEPS
User Reviews:  What are other hams saying about these products?
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