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Photo Contest Winners!

Congratulations to our winners!  We received some very good photos this year. 


First Place: $100 gift certificate goes to W0BV in Colorado.  What a great backdrop!  I wonder if he has a guest room with shack privileges?   :-) 

I could stare out this window all day.   

Second Place: $50 gift certificate goes to KD7KL in Arizona. Jim sacrificed working a DXpedition at grayline for an all time new one by going outside and taking this photo, when he should have been inside calling the DX.   What a loyal customer!  (just kidding).

Third Place: $50 gift certificate goes to K4ZMV in Georgia for his clean junction box install!  Sand granite powdercoat finish goes so well with Jim’s brick.  This large J-box still has plenty of room for future expansion as the antenna farm grows.

Honorable mention: AB3TT gets the “Grounding installation with the most planning” award!  Ross buried PVC all over his yard so all cable runs could be out of sight, and took special care to make conduit exits look like yard features for a complete stealth install.

Honorable mention: N5EP nailed this entry panel!  Steve follows proper grounding procedures by keeping all grounds commonly bonded, and following the single point ground principle.  I love the way the entry panel is fit into his siding.

Honorable mention: K0RO testing out his new electric hoist!  No more hand cranking for this DX’er.  Push the button and wait 30 seconds and he’s in the pile-up.